What really motivates you?

Hello friends – I hope this blog finds you well and eager to take ownership of your life.
A long time ago, back in 1986, my employer took me to my first ever motivational speaking event. The speaker was Richard Tosti. Thought leadership and motivational speakers were in their infancy, as a profession, and I – was a young 26 with no clue of what life was all about.
At this training, I felt like I had arrived (somewhere). This messaging was messaging I had been hungry for. It offered me a perspective on life that I only felt in my heart but never knew that positive thinking was a ‘thing.’
Richard Tosti’s program was 30 in 30. You listen to 30 minutes of positive messaging for 30 days, and it will change the way you look at things. And it did that for me. It was the first step in my thirst for positive thinking. I did not know that it would take more than 30 in 30 to change from the inside out.
I remember one message that vividly, from this event and his tapes, were the words, ‘action triggers feelings.’ Another way this can be said is change an action – change a thought. Meaning if you move, if you do something, you will experience a different feeling – hopefully, motivation.
This concept is starting to take roots. I’m particularly moved by the Tedtalk from behaviorist Eric Zimmer, whose message is to start small, do something, anything, and you will get motivated. I am in full support of this theory. Just yesterday, after not exercising for two weeks as a result of a super heavy workload, I forced myself into my gym clothes – over to the porch with my picture card of exercise. Begrudgingly, I began the first exercise. With 3 minutes, I was more motivated to do the next set, and within 10 minutes, I couldn’t wait to do the next one; in fact, I was even thinking of doing more than what was on my card.
Here’s another recent article that I just stumbled across:
Here’s the reality folks, you and you alone own the actions it takes to move your life where ever you want it to be. You can exert all your energy on complaining and dread and stay precisely where you’re at, or you can take 2 minutes of action and build on that, whatever it is. Your life, your choices. You decide.
God bless!
Ginger Ross

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