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Hey there,

Welcome to the first step to a healthier, more productive, and more balanced life.

Are you exhausted from flying by the seat of your pants in your personal or your professional life, or both? Life doesn’t have to be this way. You can take ownership over your life at any time – if you are willing to do the work.

I personally experienced my personal breakdown in 2009 as a result of continuously taking more and more on, never asking for help, and thinking this is the way the world works, right? I was so wrong. Unlike you, I never sought solutions. For starters, give yourself a pat on the back for recognizing that maybe…you can do something better, that there has to be a better way. There is.

Today,  I run my own business, again. This time – I recognize my limitations. The skills I have learned and adopted in my life allows me now to have a well-balanced life where I can manage stressful situations with confidence, not take on the world’s problems as my own, and be present for both work and my personal life. Is that what you want in your life?

The process is simple but not easy

My personal mental health and well-being have improved ten-fold as a result of looking at my own behaviors and beliefs, challenging those behaviors and beliefs, and reinventing myself and you can experience those same results moving toward the life you imagined, nay – the life you deserve.

The skill of “time management” is a complex one that’s made up of a number of intricate habits, practices, and rituals assembled over several years. It isn’t the kind of skill that’s improved much by shortcuts, tips, and tricks; there are no miraculous, instantaneous results. Instead, successful improvements come from shifting ingrained patterns of behavior in a systematic way over time.

Before you reach out to me, ask yourself, “How willing am I to do the work for improved time-management and self-care?” If the answer is a five, you’re not ready yet. If the answer is a 9 or 10, you’re ready! Let’s connect.

As your time management and self-care coach, I can assure you that you will start to see results in just a couple of months. Your time management & self-care program will be tailored to meet your personality. Are you ready for the rife of your life?

Email me today at GingerRoss23@gmail.com. Own Your Outcomes, Own Your Life.

Your trusted guide and mentor,


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