Getting Things Done

I do appreciate Walt Hampton’s quick and inspiring weekly blogs. They do set me on a track, even if it is short lived (that is a different discussion).

This was Walt’s blog this morning.

“Vilfredo Pareto was the dude who formulated the 80/20 rule… you know, the one that said that 20% of your efforts are responsible for 80% of your outcomes. Well ol’ Vilfredo was certainly onto something… but I think he was way too generous in his estimate… .

In fact, when all is said and done, there are only a handful of things that are really essential for our success and well-being .

The challenge is getting clear about what those few things are.

Before you catapult into this new week, ask yourself, “What are the 20% of the things I think I need to do this week that will actually yield the big results….” (Or as Stephen Covey might have said, “What are the ‘big rocks’ that I should attend to first?”)

Then drill down further: What is the 20% of the 20%?

And then… further still… what might be that one thing… that one thing that is most important

Have an awesome week.


In our lives, we have compartments of responsibilities. A section for our family, a section for work, and a section for ourselves – our needs and dreams. I want to invite you to take Walt’s questions a refine them.

What is the most important thing you need to do today, or this week, for:

Your family

Your job


Make your list – schedule the timing of each – and do the thing you least want to do first (this was a trick from a thought leader I listened to years ago – Richard Tosti).

Maybe I will make you a form to help guide  you, but not today. I have to get my 20% done Рbuild a webinar.

Kaizen my friends – always changing and evolving.


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