The most powerful habit to form

By Ginger Ross | May 22, 2020

A Repost from Getpocket who reposted it from INC.   Neuroscience Says Doing This 1 Thing Makes You Just as Happy as Eating 2,000 Chocolate Bars It also gives you the same neurological boost as receiving $25,000. Inc. Melanie Curtin Wanting to be happier is a universal trait. It’s rare to find a person whose […]

What really motivates you?

By Ginger Ross | May 19, 2020

Hello friends – I hope this blog finds you well and eager to take ownership of your life. A long time ago, back in 1986, my employer took me to my first ever motivational speaking event. The speaker was Richard Tosti. Thought leadership and motivational speakers were in their infancy, as a profession, and I […]

Getting Things Done

By Ginger Ross | April 27, 2020

I do appreciate Walt Hampton’s quick and inspiring weekly blogs. They do set me on a track, even if it is short lived (that is a different discussion). This was Walt’s blog this morning. “Vilfredo Pareto was the dude who formulated the 80/20 rule… you know, the one that said that 20% of your efforts […]

Having versus Being

By Ginger Ross | April 20, 2020

Reprinted from dr. allen berger’s website… At a glance Our society is locked in crisis. Society teaches us to focus on having rather than being. That is, we seek things and status instead of wisdom and authentic relationships. Deep down, we know we can never have enough things and status, but we keep trying […]

What do you desire?

By Ginger Ross | March 31, 2020

I love this question because every time I ask those I work with what they desire, the most common response is something like, “I have never given that any thought” or “Gosh, I don’t really know.” “What do you mean ‘committed to chaos,’ Alyssa? Why would I be committed to chaos?!?”⁣ For some, chaos helps […]

What do you really want?

By Ginger Ross | March 31, 2020

Bertrand Russell’s magnificent Nobel prize acceptance speech. Brain Pickings | Maria Popova Bertrand Russell (May 18, 1872–February 2, 1970) endures as one of humanity’s most lucid and luminous minds — an oracle of timeless wisdom on everything from what “the good life” really means to why “fruitful monotony” is essential for happiness to love, sex, […]

Quote for today

By Ginger Ross | March 31, 2020

If you want to be happy, set a goal that demands your thoughts, ignites your energy, and sparks your hopes. — Ginger Ross

Think Less, Feel More. Are you present?

By Ginger Ross | March 31, 2020

Please check out this wonderful article on engaging in Real Conversations and how this simple behavior can enhance your overall quality of life. Isn’t that what you want?   You Know What’s Sexy? A Real Conversation

Anxiety is paralyzing

By Ginger Ross | March 31, 2020

So many of my friends and colleagues now experience anxiety. Anxiety can be caused by many different issues. Some can be managed by self awareness and mindfulness, while others must be managed under the care of a medical professional. If you suffer mild anxiety you can manage it yourself. Here’s the trickiest part – you […]

Smart Goal Setting

By Ginger Ross | March 31, 2020

I found this an interesting read – and we must try many pathways before we find out what works for us.

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