Own Your Choices, Own Your Outcomes, Own Your Life.

You can have the life you wanted, if you learn how to get it. I'm thrilled to announce the release of my new course. Things I Wish I Learned at 17 by Ginger Ross. My Life My Choices. Join My Newest 6 Week Course

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My Life, My Choices, 6 Week Course

"Thought provoking work in so many aspects of everyday life." Lauren, Kittery, ME

My Life My Choices 6 week course
My Life, My Choices

How Do I Love?

Are you sometimes frustrated with your relationships? Do you wonder what part you play in them? Get those questions answered, and work your way to owning your life and your love.

My Life My Choices 6 week course
My Life, My Choices

Choices are a Choice

Have you ever wondered why you are where you're at in your life? Or, maybe you're looking to create a life with intention? Every choice we make has a price tag. Own your life..

My Life My Choices 6 week course
My Life, My Choices

I Am Beautiful?

How do you learn to love yourself and find your own beauty within? Low self-esteem, low self-worth be gone. You are beautiful because you are you. Learn to love yourself.

My Life My Choices 6 week course
My Life, My Choices

Do I Know Who I Want to be?

You Do You, but how do you do that? Who are you? What do you stand for? Who do you want to be, and what footprint will you leave on this planet. Find out the you inside of you.

My Life My Choices 6 week course
My Life, My Choices

Say What You Mean

But don't' say it mean. Do you sometimes wish you had said something better than you did? Learn the why's of how you communicate and steps to improve your social interactions and your life!

My Life My Choices 6 week course
My Life, My Choices


Managing emotions - one tough task, but entirely doable. Achieving emotional intelligence is an admirable skill that will help you master your surroundings and your life. Learn how!

Join today to explore and revitalize the you you want to be!

I had a dream - a life goal

My name is Ginger Ross and In 2012 I started to look at my life and wonder, "How did I get in this position?" And, more importantly, "What am I going to do to get out of it?"!

I reflected on the most recent 3 years of my life, isolated from my daughters and my family - not by choice, and I pondered all the decisions I had made that brought me to that dismal moment in my life, and I thought - "WHY OH WHY hadn't I learned to make better decisions when I was younger?"

I started a writing on index cards, things I wish I had learned that possibly would have changed my trajectory and perhaps gotten me to where I thought I should have been, "by now." I kept this diary for a year, and when I was finished I had 284 things I Wish I had Learned at 17.

I've been working on this book for years and am elated to bring it to you today! Join me in how I took ownership of my life and my choices - and how you can too.


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About Ginger Ross

Ginger Ross Things I Wish I Learned at 17

Things I Wish I Learned At 17

I've made mistakes. Many of us do. To be imperfect is to be human. But does it doesn't have to be so hard. In this simple book and course, I share with you some of the most fundamental principles of life that I wish I had learned when I was 17. I had peaks, and I had dreadful valleys. What I know now is this is My Life, My Choices, and My Outcomes. I decide. Do you want to own your life and your outcomes? Let me show you how I did.

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Choices Recovery Trainings © provide workforce development trainings and community addiction/recovery education aimed at reducing the negative impression associated with addiction through education, while providing intentional workforce development to meet the needs of the addiction recovery industry.

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Ginger Ross has a passion for sharing her experiences of despair and hope with others. Her Passion for Purpose is to educate others on emotional abuse, her experience with the family court system and a five year custody battle, and her strength and survival of it all, and how she has learned to embrace every day as a gift, and be a voice for those in need.

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